10 Mind power tricks for not eating junk

10 Mind power tricks for not eating junk!

1. Google the calorie content in what you're planning on eating. That should put you off.

2. Ask yourself if eating it is helping you get lean.

3. Foresee tomorrow's feeling bloated and fat from eating junk, will you regret eating it?

4. Ten minutes of enjoying it now, feeling like you just set yourself back for another day or three...? Choose.

5. Eating junk when you're not supposed to means you're weak. Is that attractive to you?

6. Promise yourself tomorrow you can eat it if you still want it. Procastination = good in this case

7. Strip down naked and watch yourself eating it in front of the mirror. If you lost your appetite; good.

8. Ask yourself if those who have the lean body you want is likely to eat junk food.

9. Remind yourself that eating junk made you look the way you don't want. Continuing eating it will make you look the way you don't want.

10. Remember nothing tastes as good as lean feels. 

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