10 mistakes I see you do that stops you from getting results!

10 mistakes I see you do that stops you from getting results!

1. You don't stick to a diet long enough to let it work its magic. You swap around, aren't consistent, forget meals, indulge too often etc.

2. You use the same exercise order all the time. Always starting with the exact same move.

3. You over estimate your efforts in the gym.

4. A 'all or nothing' mindset has consumed you. Since you can't stick to something 100% you give up and restart over and over, voila you stay the same. 

5. You think something's wrong with your metabolism because you can't freely eat whatever you like. 

6. You eat too much and think you can work it off but you gain fat weekly from that.

7. You eat too little trying to lean out what's not even there to lean out in the first place. The under eating makes you weak and you lose the little muscle mass you got.

8. You believe you're a hardgainer when you're simply one of those with a small appetite. You too need to have discipline and eat up, just like us who need to not eat all we want if we want shredded abs and legs and arms and back and all. 

9. You think you gain muscle so easily you can afford to ease up your workout intensity to get lean. But the mistake here is you're always a beginner! You do a few weeks then stop going to the gym. Hence you regain the same muscle mass and lose it again constantly. "I grow muscle so easily!" said the chick or the skinny dude but we have never seen any muscle on them at all.

10. You calculate too much like a true math genius trying to foresee how much muscle you can gain in a month or two or a year. The funny thing is you can never know until you've done it.

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