10 motivation tips for Fitness Girls

10 motivation tips for Fitness Girls

1) Don’t wait for it to come. You’ve got discipline. That stuff is much more potent than any workout motivation will ever be.

2) Relying on feelings to get you to the gym is building your progress on quick sand. You might not “feel like it” but it doesn’t mean your workout won’t blow your mind. Just give it a chance to show you.

3) I like to ask myself “so what else you’ve got going on, Nordin?” . My answer never justifies being flaky on myself.

4) Create a playlist so good you can’t stop moving. Music is therapy for the soul and a source of calorie free energy. Sustainably harvested too.

5) Track your weights, reps, sets every workout so you see progress or lack thereof. One simple reason for lack of motivation is boredom. Boredom comes from not seeing results usually.

6) Outsmart yourself. When you must train first thing in the morning but you’re no morning happy go lucky person, promise yourself a gift for work done well. Just don’t choose a self sabotaging presents like junk food when you’re trying to lose fat.

7) Pretend you’re just going to do one set. And then you add one more. One more. Win over your laziness one rep at a time. That’s how greatness is created. Not overnight, but over time.

8) Use a preworkout. Caffeine when used properly, not abused all day long, makes a big difference. I’ve never understood why people who decide to get fit cut out caffeine, unless you’re a masochist and want to make it tougher than necessary.

9) Take time off regularly. No, cardio isn’t rest day. Rest day means rest. I know many of you love active rest, but personally I love laying down on the couch when I rest. From a motivation standpoint doing nothing is great.

10) Acknowledge that you’ll never want to train or live the fitness life all the time. It’s like anything else, hard work is done whether you are in the mood or not. Why? You’ve got goals to achieve and they’re not achieving themselves by themselves unless you lead the way!

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