10 MYTHS about Fighter Diet

10 myths about Fighter Diet

1. You are only allowed to eat cabbage and pink salmon.

2. If you don't like one certain food you're screwed.

3. It only works for women.

4. You can't be vegetarian on Fighter Diet.

5. You must eat dairy or you can't do it.

6. You can't build muscle on Fighterdiet.

7. Fighter Diet works for everyone. No it doesn't. You need to have a big appetite and not be scrawny skeleton skinny and struggling eating enough calories to gain weight.

8. It can't be done more than a few weeks.

9. The food options are too expensive. No, there are tons of options.

10. You will never eat carbs again.

"Fighterdiet is my concept for making the impossible possible: Getting Lean, Staying Lean but not feeling like you are constantly starving! -Pauline"

This e-book not only explains the concept and principles of the Fighter Diet, by the end of the book, you will have the tools you need to live the Fighterdiet lifestyle RIGHT NOW."