10 Nutrition Mistakes Many People Make

10 Nutrition Mistakes Many People Make

1. Not taking calcium supplements despite inadequate dairy consumption or relying on calcium from spinach which is bound to oxalates and hence not bioavailable.

2. Low vitamin D levels from using no supplements and relying on sun despite the guidelines for optimal level is a lot higher than you'll ever want from sun exposure.

3. Inadequate Omega 3 and some times Omega 6 as well from unrefined sources, not processed refined oils.

4. In vegans: B12 supplement missing.

5. Choosing 'fat free' fruit yogurt thinking it is healthy.

6. Thinking brown rice syrup or agave nectar are natural and healthy, fat loss promoting sweeteners.

7. Thinking 'sugar free & fat free' labeled food items have no calories or carbs. They do, it's just coming from other sources of carbs than cane sugar, like corn.

8. Overestimating the serving size of "high calorie" protein foods like red salmon.

9. Being cheap trying to cut down on egg whites and using whole eggs for an omelet which adds hundreds of calories. Example 1 egg plus 6 whites = 180 calories and about 25-30 g protein. Cheap version 4 whole eggs = 28 gr protein but 320 calories.

10. Liberally using olive oil and coconut oil as dressing, creamer, to cook with and not measuring it.

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