10 reasons why doing a DETOX will NEVER make you LEAN

1. Drinking green juice will lower the energy burnt by digesting food.

2. Ultra low calorie diets lack protein which means you'll lose muscle mass. 

3. You won't adapt this for life so it's a yo yo diet.

4. The weight you lose is only water, feces and muscle mass.

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5. Lack of fiber can back you up, so you get constipated.

6. The low intake of fat makes it impossible to absorb fat soluble vitamin D and K which are needed for bone health.  

7. A 3-7 day cleanse will do nothing compared to a fit healthy life 365 days of the year.

8. It costs more money per calorie compared to a healthy "normal" diet.

9. Your liver likes a healthy diet with lots of veggies but too much extracts, excess of herbs can counteract its normal actions and make it less efficient.

10It's dangerously low in salt and other electrolytes just to make you get that initial weight loss caused by salt elimination. It means you will spread the glory about these companies and sell the scam to your friends. 

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