10 reasons Why I do Fighter Diet

10 reasons Why I do FIGHTERDIET

1. I have a big appetite, slow metabolism. To be lean and to be satisfied I better choose the right foods.

2. This is a lifestyle so health is very important. Health starts and ends with what you eat and how you use it. Try maintain a lean body without focusing on being healthy. Doesn't work long term.

3. The big food group veggies are key for a healthy body. I could never go on a diet that made me restrict them. That's why keto diet will never be something I personally want to do.

4. I don't want to be a food prep slave. I don't want to "have to" eat 6 small meals every day. My life is not about a clock and living like that turtle with a food clock.

5. I don't practice cheat days because the concept is a turn off. Who am I cheating? If I want to eat something then what's the cheat part? Cheat makes it mentally so much more appealing and attractive.

6. I know that if I don't eat to prevent a over eating I will sooner or later get so hungry I'll fail and eat wrong for my goals. That's why I eat well day in and day out.

7. FIGHTERDIET doesn't ditch a whole macronutrient group like 'no carbs' or 'no fat'.

8. It's versatile. I have so many foods to choose from I can never get bored.

9. I eat the foods that help me achieve and maintain my physique. Food is one of the tools, it should never be the enemy.

10. I see myself eating like I do for life. if I didn't I would quit right off the bat because to me it's all about sustainability.

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