10 reasons why I host Fitness Challenges

10 reasons why I host Fitness Challenges

1. When I was in my fitness toddler years I had nobody who helped me, I remember wishing I did. I promised myself that I'd provide other women guidance to speed up the slow process of building muscle. And that's why I host challenges.

2. The failure rate is extremely high on all transformation programs I've researched. Why is that? The contenders are not educated for the long term. All these companies want are rapid changes and plug a product for them. I create life change. I teach and focus on sustainability. My program is different.

3. It's tough to do a body and mind transformation on your own without help or support from your friends and family. I offer a platform where you belong to a community online filled with other like minded individuals.

4. I don't design crash diets and then assume it will be productive. I count in the mental aspects, the accountability and calculate all potential pitfalls. Been there, done that and so it can be seen in my protocols I try to maximize each person's success rate.

5. I have a team of Fighter Diet knowledgeable moderators who assist the contenders. Where do you find that elsewhere?

6. I provide a community where we celebrate the body and are not embarrassed about our flaws or shortcomings.

7. The workout program is tough because it's required to get results, but, no matter what level you're at I'm there to help you start, continue and finish at your best personal speed.

8. When my contenders are struggling in their personal life or in their fitness routine, I am there to get them to reflect on the matter, to think about it and not quit. It's never a 'oh, one dropped out, too bad". It's a fight for each one to push through.

9. One of the things you thrive off is accountability. You know I'm in the group checking in and I expect reports from daily lives, meals, workouts, feelings and I expect a cry for help when you're about to go eat a whole Dominos and cheesecake. This is great, it is like a barrier and it usually ends with no crap eaten. We reason it out.

10. I care about you. I want you to succeed. I spend all my time thinking about what all my "children" are doing and what they'r thinking. Yes, that's how I see it. The contenders are my cobs and I'm there to teach them how to fly like swans.

New to Fighter Diet and Pauline? Try a Fighterdiet 12 week Challenge, admission is OPEN for IGNITE THE FIGHT WITHIN and BACK TO THE ROOTS!

* New meals to choose from.

* New workout program.

* 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

* Beginner and Advanced in same group. 

* Workout at home or in gym. 

* Day by day diet and workout plan. 

* Part of closed Facebook Group (Community).

* Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. 

* Women only. 

* Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

Tori Riegler, previous winner, lost 24lbs and now considers herself a fit person!"

Andrea Chan, previous winner, totally transformed herself and now feels beautiful!"

Martina Kodrun from Slovenia, previous winner, gave it her all and became a super athlete!"