10 Reasons Why I Practice ROUTINE Over "FEEL"

10 Reasons Why I Practice ROUTINE Over 'FEEL'

1. I won't always FEEL like doing what helps me reach my goal, so if I listen to how I feel I will never go past my comfort zone.

2. Feelings constantly fluctuate and change. Making decisions based on them is like trying to sail across the ocean and let the wind take you here, then take you there and also STUCK in the middle of nowhere when there's calm.

3. Feelings are trying to protect you from doing something unfamiliar that can be considered a threat. If you want to go where you haven't been before it's unwise to listen to them.

4. Creating a routine takes the surprise factor out of the equation. You condition your mind to not ask for specials, treats or to slack. You create momentum that way and it becomes just as easy to keep going as it is to stop.

5. If you give your brain the option to have options you'll often choose the options that seem most attractive at the moment. The funny thing is this: what's MOST attractive right NOW is NEVER what's most attractive to you long term.

6. In every part of life you want to be successful, so you need a PLAN of action. Ever heard of great companies 'go by feel' about their business strategy?....

7. I know this won't ever be popular, but you need to toughen up! You can't set lofty yet realistic goals yet not have the stamina to keep up the work to achieve them.

8. Routine is auto pilot. It means you DO what you decided to do the very moment you made it your goal no matter how you feel about it.

9. Routine is calming for the brain. Your brain likes to know what to expect. Routine is empowering. Actions snowballing. So depending on what you choose to do... You get the point.

10. Nothing GREAT comes by chance or luck. Hard work consistently without constantly self sabotaging yourself will always bring you success. The good thing is you don't need a magic trick, the bad thing is you need to WANT results for real.

I always recommend following a PLAN consistently when you want to get lean. The pick and choose and calculate as you go is just very fruitless in 99 out of 100 cases.

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