10 reasons you're not that muscular

10 reasons you're not that muscular!

1. You're not weight training.

2. You're doing single rep lifts only.

3. You just got started.

4. You are not adding more and more weight to your sets.

5. You're doing lots of long distance running and your body type is skinny.

6. You're not eating enough calories or protein on a daily basis.

7. You're not putting in effort to your workouts. Just going through the motion not thinking 'is this challenging me?'.

8. You're in the gym to flirt and chit chat with hotties/hunks and it doesn't add to your intensity, but subtracts intensity.

9. You forgot the big mass builders and go in to 'isolate': deadlifts, squats, standing presses, bench press, dips, pull-ups etc.

10. You're doing the same workout regimen day in and day out because you freak out if you change it up and see a change in strength initially.

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