10 RULES for A HAPPY Life

10 Rules For A HAPPY Life

1. Follow your heart.

2. Pursue what makes you smile.


Me, Happy!

3. Focus on your passion.

4. Live up to your own expectations, not others.

5. Remember you are not your mistakes but how you handle them.

6. Make compromises only for what's worth compromising.

7. Always ask yourself 'do I truly want this?' and if you don't then focus on it no more.

8. Keep focus on the long term reward, not instant gratification.

9. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and return the favor.

Boz and Layne Norton

Jeff Bosley, Pauline & Layne Norton

10. Live TODAY, not in the future. Keep focus on NOW and peripheral vision on the future. When you keep looking AHEAD you end up AHEAD.


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