10 Rules in how to stay LEAN 365

Christine did it and YOU CAN TOO! It is never too late!

10 Rules in how to stay LEAN 365

1. Make the foundation of your diet filling and satisfying.

2. Learn the nutritions about all foods so you can plan swaps and exchanges properly.

3. Plan: if you are going to lunch at a restaurant or dinner and need to bend the regular rules, compensate by reducing your other meals.

4. Plan your treats and rewards ahead of time and don't go for 'all or nothing'.

5. When you can't follow your diet just the way you want in a perfect world, don't sabotage by doing more bad than you need to.

6. Practice 'social meals' so you don't feel like you already spoiled it eating something "wrong" and then ruin the rest of your meals.

7. Practice prevent overeating by overeating.

8. Make your food work for instead of against you. How? Trial and error and patience.

9. Do alter your ratio of carbs and fat. No need to be a slave to a certain macro percentage.

10. Don't live your life according to your diet. Make your diet fit your life and your goals. It boils down to discipline.

To get in shape all you have to do is train hard and keep a strict diet.

Sounds easy, right? If only it wasn’t for the mind and what it does to you...

Even though you eat all your meals on time, complete all of your workouts you plan to do, those cravings for food and sweets just won’t let you off the hook!

If you want a change, transform your mind and body and soul, I welcome you to this challenge.

I provide the tools, I provide the information. You just show up and follow orders.

The 197 page book includes a 12 week day by day diet and workout plan so you can execute on your newfound mental strength. This time you will make it!