10 rules of staying lean!

10 rules of staying lean!

1) Consistency. A weekly cheat day can cancel out the deficit you’re trying to accomplish to cut body fat.

2) Find your “life savers” when you’re coming down with diet depression. Foods, spices, seasoning and the way you prepare dishes can all make all the difference

3) Remember you choose this. Nobody’s forcing you to be lean. There’s no big prize in fitness heaven to receive because you didn’t eat a snickers bar every day.

4) Ditch the hangry attitude. If you can’t control your mood, the diet is too tough for you.

5) When you feel you struggle more than others, remember what you want is not “average”. It takes more than average mental strength to achieve a lean physique and even more so to maintain it for life.

6) Stop the “I’ll never eat this or that again”. Oh you will. Life’s too long to be hungry all the time. Instead, remember you can eat anything you like any time you can, but if you do, then don’t bitch about the consequences

7) Remember this lean lifestyle is a skill. You don’t practice to perfection in a day. The longer you work on your mindset to negotiate yourself out of dietary mishaps that sabotage your efforts, the stronger you become. Just like with weight training.

9) If your partner doesn’t agree with your choices you have two choices: change it for her/him and completely neglect yourself which probably leads to bitterness and regrets, or move on to stand up for yourself.

10) Pick your company well. Do you really want to talk about how you’ll hurt your ovaries lifting weights or how you need a cookie it won’t hurt you. It gets old!

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