10 rules to GET REAL and finally get FIT

You know those times when you're just FED UP with yourself and what you're doing?

As in 'WHY, why WHY did that cookie end up here? WHY was I not in the gym last night? WHY did I not plan my meals today?

10 rules to GET REAL and finally get FIT

1. Stop fooling yourself. You got more than a lb of fat to lose so it will take longer than a week to lose it.

2. Stop overestimating your training intensity. You can do lots better.

3. Stop using other people as an excuse to why you don't follow your plan.

4. Stop blaming your kids for your food choices.

5. Stop pretending an injury is a free ticket to completely surrender your regular fitness diet.

6. Stop trying to be perfect and every day you can't be perfect you give up and restart the next day.

7. Stop dreaming and start doing.

8. Stop victimizing yourself about why it's so much harder for you than for the rest of us to get in shape or to stay motivated.

9. Stop relying on motivation and start relying on dedication.

10. Stop your greediness about having it all, pick your priorities and give those your all.

These women all got real and changed their mental outlook and lives!

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