10 things about your Butt

10 things about your Butt

1. It is the home of the largest muscle in the body, gluteus Maximus.

2. The glutes consist of three parts: Maximus, medius and minimus.

3. Underneath these big muscles are six smaller stabilizing muscles, the most unpopular one? Piriformis.

4. Your glutes primarily extend the hip, as in kicking backwards, or when you squat, the descending phase of sitting back, then reversing the move using your hips to get up again. Of course here paired with knee joints in action.

5. The glutes are often weak due to prolonged sitting, shallow squats and bad posture.

6. Many people don’t know their glutes. Contract them like this: put your finger between your cheeks, no, I didn’t say inside your rectum, then squeeze the cheeks together. Voila; pump it up and then walk around. You’ll feel a difference.

7. Strong glutes, strong athlete. A lot of your power comes from the hips.

8. Butt injections will produce a diaper looking saggy butt. Only a muscle butt stays up and defies gravity like no implant can. Since the butt can be trained, save yourself the money and your health. Build your tush in the gym, and stop wanting unnatural body shape you’ll never obtain with nutrition and exercise alone.

9. The efficient way to build curves: squats, deadlifts, lunges. And then the “small stuff” like raises, thrusts, bridges as needed. There’s no magic in any exercise except the magic that occurs when you work the magic for real.

10. All my workouts will always include glute work. Always. A butt can never be too fit, too firm or too buff!

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