10 things I learned during my fitness journey

Me at The Fit Expo in Los Angeles last weekend with one of my BIGGER FANS :)

10 things I learned during my fitness journey 

1. Stop looking for the perfect diet, there's no such thing.

2. There will be good workout days and bad workout days but they all lead you forward.

3. Living an athletic life means you'll get pains, strains and setbacks. It's part of it and it doesn't put an end to it.

4. There will never be a more perfect time to improve healthy choices than today.

5. Some days you'll be motivated, some days you won't.

6. Don't complain about "having to eat healthy" for a certain fitness look. It's a privilege not everyone has. Never forget that.

7. You always have more body fat and less muscle mass than you think so never underestimate the work needed to get where you want to be.

8. People will not understand what you do and why. No need to explain to them. Let it go.

9. Some days you'll be strong in the gym, some days you won't. And for no real reason.

10. You'll have weeks when no matter what you do you still look the same! And then BOOM something happens.


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