10 things I want fitness girls to know!

10 things I want fitness girls to know!

1. You’ll never become too muscular from eating for fat loss and training like a beast.

2. Use creatine monohydrate to boost strength, muscle growth and even cognitive function. No, it’s not a steroid and yes you need more if you’re vegan.

3. You have skin, you have body fat and you have muscle. Don’t attempt to zero any of it. There’s no such thing as zero percent body fat and if you had it you’d look completely like a dried up raisin.

4. Train like a human. Not like a man, not like a girl. Just train like a human with all you’ve got.

5. If you want to gain circles you shouldn’t do just cardio.

6. If you want to lose fat, you should do weights and you should do cardio but most important thing you must do is DIET.

7. Invest in gym clothes that make you want to go work out

8. Don’t give up fitness for a man/girl/object you have a crush on right now.

9. To lose fat and to get fit you train hard and eat for your goal. Consistently.

10. Waist trainers are a waste, sauna belts don’t burn fat, body fat doesn’t melt via sweat and definitely does NOT leave via your sweat glands as toxins.

That’s all. Now it’s stretching time. My workout today wasn’t fantastic, it was ok, wasn’t energized, felt tired plus a new sensation of the titanium wire in my sit bone but hey, I got it done and no injury! :)

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