10 things I was told while building my physique

Photo by Pavel Ythjall

10 things I was told while building my physique

1. Can't build that much muscle naturally. WRONG!

2. A woman who isn't naturally lean can not get lean. WRONG!

3. Can't maintain a lean body all year round. WRONG!

4. Need to bulk up and get a bit fat to build. WRONG!

5. Can't do cardio and build muscle. WRONG!

6. Can't train like a man without looking like one. WRONG!

7. I will ruin my back from all the squats and deadlifts. WRONG!

8. Heavy training will make my stocky WRONG!

9. Must eat 6 meals a day to get buff. WRONG!

10. Can't eat dinner at 11 pm and get lean. WRONG!

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