10 tips for fitness girls: A Defined Waist!

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10 tips for fitness girls: A Defined Waist!

1) Build muscle all over to increase your metabolism.

2) Read all ingredient labels and cut out junk food dressed up as health food. Examples? Granola, fruit yogurt, coconut water, vegan burgers etc.

3) Love handles aren’t muscles, they’re body fat. You kill body fat with nutrition, not exercise.

4) Throw out your waist trainer. I think if I tell you this daily you’ll accept come 2020.

5) know the difference between body fat and water retention. If you have more than 10 lbs to lose it’s not a matter of water retention.

6) Use preworkout supplements to boost your workout intensity.

7) Spot reduction doesn’t work, your body will decide where fat loss is first and executed and it’s based on your genetics and what your genetics are subjected to (epigenetics).

8) Stop changing what works when you notice progress. This is very common: I see women who say they want to lose fat start to up their calories to save muscle mass. This is usually a mistake; your training stimulates muscle retention, so does high protein intake. If you eat to prevent further fat loss you’ll never achieve a lean midsection.

9) Your abs consist of several muscles. They are not cut in upper and lower abs. No, they’re different layers but they go from rib cage to pubic bone and ilium. Body fat is usually more present on the lower part but it’s not a matter of a different muscle hiding there.

10) Have patience. Where you lose fat last is what will take the longest time to lean out, and it’ll be what takes the shortest time see fat gain.

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