10 tips for fitness girls: Abs!

10 tips for fitness girls: Abs!

1) Want depth? Then stop doing just high reps and “toning”. Train your abs like any other muscle group if the goal is definition.

2) Avoid the seated torso rotation machine. It won’t fix love handles and the safety of locking yourself in into that..?

3) A “small” waist doesn’t mean you have to be size zero. With muscle your waist will have a greater circumference perhaps but it won’t look it. My own waist is straight and not “hourglass” formed.

4) Train abs 1-6 days a week. Vary it. Just don’t neglect the big muscle groups that have a much bigger potential to change your body shape and improve your metabolism.

5) Skip flat tummy teas, skinny teas, waist trainers and sweet sweat stupid scam products. Yes, even if your favorite fitness guru sells it.

6) Eat big meals so you get full. Why? Volume will help you stay away from the fattening high calorie high density junk that so easily sticks to your trunk.

7) Deadlift and squat until the cows come home, you still won’t get a wide waist from training for mass but eating for cuts.

8) Vary your exercises but always include the basics. I know nowadays every exercise is dangerous, especially anything “core” but to me the classic sit-ups and hanging leg raises are great and produce the best ab pump for me. As always; train according to your own fitness level and capacity.

9) Women tend to have hyper lordosis. To remedy it, stop standing like you’re waiting for someone to take you from the back, and start training planks!


10) To get lean you need to find the diet you love that gives you the results you want. No ab workout will replace the need for nutritional excellence!

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