10 tips for fitness girls for self empowerment

10 tips for fitness girls for self empowerment

1) Your life, your choices. For an easy life, go with the flow. For a happy life, go where your heart goes.

2) Seek no validation from others . When you don’t you’re not subject to being affected by other people’s opinions but your own.

3) If it bothers you to be called “manly” ask yourself why. Is it because your priority is being attractive to others? If so, that must stop. You’ll never please everyone.

4) Stick to your guns. If you want to be buff, it’s your right to be so.

5) Don’t rate your worth based on how many men beg for your attention. Men are simple and sex drive is natural, not something special they feel just for you. Hence, don’t make it your mission to be fuckable.

6) People will not understand why you like to work out and eat healthy food without feeling deprived from the dolce vita. Waste no time explaining, that’s like explaining what it feels like to be born. Impossible.

7) Even though society wants women to be fragile and oppressed by body ideals and the expectation to be super mom super model super fit super energized super beautiful and never pissed or tired plus have a career that takes full time and also you need to clean the house you know. All that is bull shit residue from the 50s. We are not there anymore.

8) Lift for strong bones. Strong muscles strong bones. Women have naturally thinner bones regardless of your body size, the big boned myth must die so high impact exercise is critical.

9) Your body your preference on what you want to do with it. It shouldn’t be designed with “amusement park” for someone else, but for yourself.

10) Take care of your sexual needs regardless of your relationship status. I go mad every time I see a post about women who do what they want being called “sluts”. It’s 2019. You owe it to yourself to satisfy your needs, be it this or anything else!

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