10 tips for fitness girls: how to get a chiseled back

10 tips for fitness girls: how to get a chiseled back

1) Train your back. Common sense you’d think but many times this is forgotten.

2) Focus on upping weights on your exercises. Don’t just do them without challenging resistance.

3) Do free weight exercises. Don’t just sit in a machine.

4) Train unilaterally (one at a time). 

5) Do rows and do pulls. They’re pretty much the only ways to hit upper back efficiently.

6) Film your sets to check your form.

7) Don’t talk like I do while you train. It makes it harder to engage your abs.

8) Study anatomy to learn the function of your muscles.

9) Train rear delts with back.

10) Practice double biceps and lat spread. Those will help you connect with the muscles you don’t see in the mirror unless you turn around and take a photo!

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