10 tips for fitness girls: Meal Prep!

10 tips for fitness girls: Meal Prep!

1) Unless you love your mini meals, prep proteins for a week, all your breasts for instance, but the big Fighterdiet veggie bowls I prefer to cook daily. Tastes fresher to me.

2) My favorite breakfast I prepare the day before: oat bran and cacao in the big bowl, my whey protein in the black lid container.

I boil water and soak it over night, adding protein powder to it in the morning. If I don’t have time to boil water, I soak them overnight. Perfect travel food.

3) Get a good food scale so you can stop wondering how many calories you’re getting.

4) Organize all supplements weekly. I love supplements so I take a lot of them, most of them probably just placebo which I welcome if it’s excellent placebo effect. I put them in empty RX bottles. Cheap and secure lid.

5) I know I know the propaganda is “must eat Whole Foods” but I raised myself on protein powder starting from the age of 17 because it was cheap and convenient compared to “real food”. Whey protein to me is a food more than a supplement. It’s dairy. Dairy is food.

6) Stop trying to be so perfect with your healthy food: it’s ok to pick one veggie and eat that until you’re tired of it. No need to be fancy with a whole orchestra of individual vegetables.

7) If you can’t eat healthy due to time limitation I challenge to to time this: add water to a shaker and add protein powder. Shake. Drink. Much on baby carrots or whole carrots. Did that take longer time than sitting in the drive thru ? I don’t think so!

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