10 tips for fitness girls: Mind-Muscle Connection!

10 tips for fitness girls: Mind-Muscle Connection!

1) Flex in front of the mirror. You must to practice the muscle-mind link.

2) Study the movement of the muscles you want to train. For instance, don’t listen to “train your saddle bags” because it’s bull shit. You can’t shape fat or loose skin.

3) By spending time on posing you can make your muscles better at firing.

4) If you can’t see the muscle it’s because it’s either not developed or there’s excess fat on top.

5) Flexing ability is why midget women like myself can look huge in a photo.

6) A great way to practice this is to train and “pose” while you lift. Now, you need to pretend you’re lifting to fire the muscles. Like a pump without resistance.

7) If you’re on a low sodium diet for no reason, you might never see any vascular veins that usually show up when you flex. The reason is there’s too little “pressure” from sodium and potassium being transported between cells.

8) The most challenging muscle groups to flex up: back, rear shoulders, hamstrings, lats. The easiest ones: biceps, triceps, chest and abs.

9) Take photos! And if you compete, practice HOLDING the poses for minutes at a time to build stamina. The trick is to relax your face while your whole body tenses up. Good luck with that combo! :)

10) Practice posing even if you’re “too fat”. It burns calories and you still will need to practice and when your muscles do show up after all your hard work you’ll want to flex around doing a drive by pose-down down your block.

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