10 tips for fitness girls: Triceps Time!

10 tips for fitness girls: Triceps Time!

1. Triceps get very little natural exercise unless you walk around punching people I guess

2. The best flabby arm prevention is to build muscle in your triceps.

3. Triceps are bigger than biceps. Train them more than biceps.

4. Train them as a priority if they look like a step child. Don’t throw them in like an afterthought unless that’s what they are to you.

5. To get lean triceps you can train all day long and see no results. Nutrition must be on pointe.

6. Triceps require technique and mobility. If your lats, pecs and shoulders are restricting overhead extension of the upper arm, it’s rime to stretch.

7. If your elbows give you pain, do check how you execute your exercises. You might do something you’re not aware of that causes the problem.

8. Trigger points in the triceps can cause pain. Simply pinch the triceps bellies and you get a massage.

9. Triceps are strong muscles. Train them heavy! Not all the time but most of the time.

10. Lack of “hang” in the triceps is usually lack of size.

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