10 Tips for Long Hair

10 Tips for Long Hair

1) Your hair needs keratin. It's a protein made by protein you eat. Just like your muscles require protein to grow strong, so does your hair. FighterDiet whey is an excellent source of all essential amino acids, and so are eggs, salmon, chicken and shrimp to mention a few.

2) Your hair needs minerals and vitamins. Take a multivitamin daily or use FighterDiet Greens that combine antioxidants from different sources of greens, leaves, herbs and berries as well as minerals and vitamins. 

3) Don't wash your hair with harsh cleaners. It's hard to find a great sulfate free shampoo that cleans thick hair! They either don't lather at all, don't clean your scalp, leaves a weird film on it or feels like you need to shampoo twice a day. This shampoo and conditioner combo comes from True Moroccan. It smells incredible, cleans great and you only need a small amount of it. I was concerned with the 'sulfate' listed on the label, so I reached out to the company behind the product. They said there are different sulfates and the one listed is miles away from sodium lauryl sulfate I try to avoid using on a daily basis.

4) Don't wash your hair with shampoo every day. I do every other or three days but in between I rinse with water, massaging my scalp while wet. I condition my ends for 2-3 minutes. I feel my hair looks the best the morning after this cleaning routine. 

5) Take supplements with collagen type 1 & 3. I use Neocell's Collagen powder. The recommendation is to drink it on an empty stomach but I don't. I drink it with my breakfast. Check out my Fighterdiet Brownie batter here.

6) Avoid over brushing your hair. It just speeds up oil production! I love the wet brush but I only brush when dry, not wet.

7) Once or twice a week I sleep with a deep conditioner in my hair. I'm always looking for 'the perfect one' but Pantene pro-V and kerastase offer some of my favorites. I always dry my hair with a wornout tee instead of a towel. The towels arr abrasive while my soft tees are not.

8) Keep your hair protected from the sun. Sun rays break down collagen and also increases stress on your scalp. You always see me in my big hat from Coolibar and there's a reason for my smooth skin: sun protection!

9) Vary your hair style. To avoid thinning of the hair around your temples, don't put your hair up in a tight ponytail every day. Also, use those big scrunchies for your day to day hair management. They're not pretty but they're soft and pulls less on your hair. Imagine, every time you use one of those thin, hard hair bands you're putting a dent on that spot on your hair. Since we tend to stick with the same 'spot' for our ponytails, try not to!

10) Braids: they're gorgeous but very harsh on your hair roots. You can often see women (and men) who've had braids since childhood the damage tight braids have on your hairline. Give your hair a chance to recover between rounds.

11) Don't STYLE your hair daily! Heat is damaging when it's part of your daily routine. If you have to do it every day, use cold air as much as possible, let your hair dry as much as possible before you dry it with a gentle hair dryer and spray plenty of heat protector before you blow dry. 

What's YOUR best hair tip? Post yours!

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