10 TIPS to CUT the last few POUNDS

10 TIPS to CUT the last few POUNDS

1. Change your training split. If you do low volume, do high. If you do high volume, go lower but heavier.

2. Swap out oat bran for wheat bran to get same amount of food but fewer calories.

3. If you eat two eggs currently, take out one yolk.

4. Eliminate all cardio workouts you are efficient at. If you usually jog, put a weight vest on and walk on a 15% incline treadmill and jog.

5. Do random 2 min jumping squats throughout the day to speed up your heart and release some fat burning catecholamines.

6. Add a fat burner to intensify your workout, just go with a safe one ;-)

7. Add a bag or two of shirataki noodles to your Fighter Diet dinner so you feel like you're getting your rice/pasta fix.

8. Lower your thermostat from regular 75-80 degrees to 60 degrees. It's good to freeze! You move more.

9. Add hot spices like cayenne, garlic, ginger, hot peppers to increase the thermogenic effect of your food.

10. Swap out your post workout fast carbs for a double protein shake.

And a bonus one:
11. Split your cardio workout into two sessions a few hours apart.

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