10 TIPS To Keep Your Adrenal Glands STRONG

10 tips to keep your adrenal glands strong!

1. Don't crash diet. Your diet should be a lifestyle, not a project where you yo yo back and forth.

2. Eat a lot of vegetables to get plenty of minerals and vitamins. If you eat less than 2 lbs of veggies a day I would say you're under eating! 

3. Only jack yourself up with energy supplements before your workouts and never for a regular pick me up. Don't drink caffeinated coffee throughout the day, use it for workout intensity amplifier only.  

4. Do all you can to live life the way you want. If you're unhappy with your situation it will affect your health.

5. Get your sleep in. Some of us need 5 hours, others need 10. Find your perfect formula for recovery.

6. Get in shape! Excess body fat does not only take a toll on your joints and acts as an inflammatory state welcoming sicknesses with open arms, it also causes your body to get wiped out. Imagine what it feels like to be your body... Asking it to carry dead weight every day day in and day out. Of course it will not work long term.

7. Do things you love. Passion and doing things you are excited about is GOOD for you inside out.

8. Eat protein. Protein builds your body. It builds not only muscles but also everything else.

9. Find your workout tolerance level. Some can train like animals and still recover, others don't have as high tolerance. It's individual. 

10. Don't binge then try work it off. It's a vicious cycle and also doesn't work to change your body.

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I always recommend following a plan consistently when you want to get lean. The pick and choose and calculate as you go is just very fruitless in 99 out of 100 cases.

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4) All Fighter Diet meal plans can be arranged into fewer meals if you prefer to eat only a few times a day.

5) There is NO reason to eat 6 meals unless you can't digest the volume of food on the menu and need to keep meal frequency up!

6) Foods included on the FDX2 diet plan includes: oat bran, flax seed, cabbage, protein shakes, greek yogurt, macadamia nuts, broccoli, blueberries, chicken breast, red salmon.

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