10 TYPICAL fitness things I do NOT

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10 TYPICAL fitness things I do NOT do

1. Portion out my food into six tiny meals for no reason since eating many meals vs a few meals doesn't matter from a fat burning point of view.

2. Eating only a light meal at night in the wrong belief it will make you fat compared to eating it earlier in the day.

3. Use the smith machine to squat 50% more than doing free weight barbell squats.

4. Putting plates under my heels to keep my body erect doing squats and even weirder habit I don't do: plie squats on my toes. Wtf? WHY? I thought it was for glutes, so why transfer the load onto the quads more or less...?

5. Eating rice and chicken for my meals because I mistakenly think I need it when I can get more volume for the same carbs with veggies plus protein.

6. Have cheat days. Simply because I don't get away with it. Treat meals, sure, if done appropriately and conservatively but they are not frequent.

7. Going low sodium for no reason.

8. Using soy milk out of some weird belief it's better than milk. Well, I don't use milk either. Why drink my sugar?

9. Doing high rep work in an attempt to get cut when that's more about adding as much muscle as possible AND getting ripped.

10. I don't bitch about my food and what I eat to stay in shape.

It's workout time!

Excerpt from our new Fighterdiet book available to pre-purchase today only!

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