10 Ways to BEAT a Craving

My 10 ways to beat a craving!

1. Ask yourself what you gain from giving in.
Will it help you get leaner? How will it make you feel 10 min after you've indulged? Will it really be worth it past the moment? Make yourself aware of the consequences. Being aware of your choices is a great way to stay strong.

2. Make sure you're not physiologically hungry by eating a large volume of appetite-satisfying foods like we do on Fighter Diet. This ensures you're minimizing intense cravings.

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3. Go to youtube and enter 'workout motivation.' Watch video clips of badass trainers who don't seem to be munching on the cookie you want to eat. Still want the cookie?

4. Google the nutritional info on the food you crave. Get yourself informed of how much crap you end up with if you eat it. Do you really want to eat something with an ingredient list filled with things you don't recognize?

5This is MY favorite: I ask myself what will happen if I can't resist temptations not only today but also all other days... Yeah I will get fat!

That scares me so I do my best to build momentum and accountability. It's not much about the "damage" a treat or cheat makes physically at all, it's about the character you build and the self trust you gain by sticking to your plan which is worth gold.

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6. Delay it. Tell yourself you can have it tomorrow! "Pretend-plan" your indulgence, write a list on all foods you want, then read it. Usually it will just make you feel nauseous. Imagine all those calories riding the smooth wave all in to your deepest greediest fat cells!

7. Remind yourself it doesn't matter how hard you train if you can't do the diet. Is it really worth busting your butt every day, wake up very early to fit in your workout, getting tired from exhausting yourself if you'll never get to reap the harvest and see your hard work in the mirror?

12 weeks! 12 weeks can make a world of a difference!

8. Compromise. If you want chocolate, a protein shake with chocolate flavor and some added cocoa powder can be all you need to satisfy your craving. Find those swaps you like. Remember it's mostly psychological so you can learn how to win the dieting game of chess. It's you vs evolution

9. Occupy yourself with whatever you can to win time. Cravings come in pulses, they don't last non stop unless you are actually not interested in resisting. I don't recommend watching tv, for some reason it makes me want to eat more. Instead go work out, call a friend, go online and post stuff like I do, read, meet a friend, masturbate, have sex (yeah now I got your attention huh) or play with your dog or cat.

Invest in yourself! Sarah did back to back challenges and look at her transform!

10. Know that when you aknowledge that the food you crave will not help you reach your goal you will no longer crave it. You'll think about it and say 'oh yeah that's delicious' but you will not be tempted to succumb to eating it.

This is why I always say I love ice cream, pizza, apple pie, chocolate, nut butters etc, but that doesn't mean i need to eat it.

Same as if you're married and you have this fantasy woman or fantasy man at work/at store/at gym/online: You can think about it, but you do not act on it. Why?

The consequences are not worth it and you stay loyal. 

SO, stay loyal to yourself and say NO thank you to the brain's attempt to sabotage your efforts!

And one more thing... When you keep on having cravings it's a matter of you not giving up on the dream that those foods will be ok to have regularly and still reach your goals. It won't happen so stop fantasizing.

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