12 ways to gain more MUSCLE

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12 ways to gain more Muscle

1. Change your workout routine. Any routine becomes ineffective if you do it too long without tweaks.

2. Change the workout split. If you're always doing chest/triceps and back/biceps, try do chest and abs, then back, then legs and hit arms on a separate day.

3. Scale down on your cardio.

4. Make sure you consume more calories than you need to maintain your weight and a big part of that surplus should come from protein. 

If your weight is not changing or you're not seeing more muscle definition while getting leaner while your weight pretty much stays the same (this means muscle growth), then add more food to what you already consume

5. Add creatine monohydrate. 3-5 grams per day.

6. Add another rest day weekly if you're doing 6 days a week.

7. Add another workout day if you're doing 3-4 days of weight training weekly.

8. Make sure you include heavy work! Deadlifts, squats, Bench press, dips, pull-ups and barbell rows. Track your poundage so you're not lifting the same weight every month.

9. Change your reps and rest between sets. Do lower reps and more rest for a few weeks followed by a few weeks of moderate reps and shorter rest time. Your muscles need both. You can also throw in higher reps, but don't make it your mainstay.

10. Check your form. Video it so you're actually using full range of motion on your sets.

11. Use negative reps, drop sets and forced reps to overload your muscles. Proceed with caution, it's easy to get injured.

12. Strengthen the typical weak links: Glutes, hamstrings, lower back, rotator cuff and forearms.

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