10 Ways to Get Out of a FAT LOSS Plateau!

10 ways to get out of a FAT LOSS plateau

1. Make sure you're if you don't measure up your food for a good analysis, DO it. We usually have no idea of what 1 oz or 5 oz are. Measure up your food.

2. Swap out high calorie foods, yes even the healthy ones for lower calorie ones which give you more volume. This helps you feel satisfied while you cut calories. For instance choose butternut squash instead of sweet potato.

3. Add cardio if you aren't doing any. If you do 3 times a week, add 2 more. If you do 5 times, add 10 min more on each workout.

4. Change your cardio routine. Swap style, swap interval time, swap cardio equipment.

5. Change your weight training so you include more sets in your given workout time. For instance doing 5 sets of deadlifts instead of 3.

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6. Add a fat burner instead of relying on plain coffee. For instance Fighter Diet BURN

7. Split your workouts in two. Am and Pm. If it's a cardio day only, split up the workout you do in two sessions.

8. Add a refeed day where you eat 100% more calories than usual with the majority of them from carbs.

9. Add spontaneous 'metabolic boosters' like 100 burpees a day in addition to your training, or 3 min shadow boxing 2 times a day or do 30 jump squats for 5 sets before bed.

10. Swap your macros a bit. Lower your carbs, add more protein. Or if your fat intake is high, lower it to more protein and more carbs. Don't go crazy on the grains or fruit, add veggies.

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