10 "Welcome to Reality" Things About NUTRITION

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10 "Welcome to Reality" things about NUTRITION

1. Everything is controversial. Get used to it! It's science but it's also philosophy. Pick what you believe in and stick with it. 

2. You need to eat for your goal. If your diet is not working for you then either change your goal or change your food. 

3. Getting lean usually takes healthy eating, but healthy eating per se is not synonymous with a lean body. Not at all. 

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4. You don't have to eat a certain food or food group to be healthy. Every time you say no to a healthy food for any personal reason you'll be questioned constantly.

5. The right diet for you is the one you like, the one you want to keep eating forever and one that delivers your results.

6. If you're scared of food you have a misunderstanding about what it does for you and/or you're uneducated regarding nutrition.

7. Don't believe everything you read. Most of it is personal interpretations, anecdotes or food industry propaganda. You need to do what you believe in and not be a slave to what the world's telling you.

8. What's unhealthy today will probably be healthy in a year. And vice versa.

9. You need to pick foods you like. If you only like junk and sugar and fried, then you need to open up your horizon and discover real food. 

10. You can get buff and lean eating like crap but you won't maintain health long term.

When you see "fitness pros" stuffing themselves with pizza while sporting a ripped body and they claim to eat a lot of crap regularly: remember either they use the macro-fitting program or they just want to sell you a dream about "yes you can eat whatever you like and STILL look like me!"

Reality check here.... IF YOU COULD, YOU WOULD BE THAT PERSON.

You're not. I am not. And very few are.


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