11 Things About Women Who Train Hard


Photo by: Pavel Ythjall

1. Many men will never ever grasp the concept that your training and diet is not about looking cute for them and you just misunderstood what they like. And when you explain they still won't get it because, you know, all we want is to please...(sarcasm).

2. We don't care if we insult you by lifting more weight. Frankly we're not even looking at what you're lifting.

3. When we show off our muscles it's not to get confirmation that we're hot. We do because we love looking at our muscles!

4. We will most likely take a good healthy meal over drinks any day.

5. Don't tell us to train light so we don't end up looking like men. If heavy makes us look like men, why do you still look like a girl scout?

6. No matter how much you try to insult our choices of lifestyle, we will never change for you.Photo by: Pavel Ythjall 


Photo by: Pavel Ythjall

7. Your girl friends who see you lose fat will tell you you look sickly. That's because they want you to stay fat and unhealthy so they don't look even fatter beside you.

8. "Live a little" will be thrown in your face all the time. This "living a little" is drinking beer, eating pizza and look the part while covering up feeling miserable about your body.

9. If you're dating us and you tell us to stop training...You're the one who'll be thrown out the door.


Photo by: Pavel Ythjall

10. Overall women do not wear makeup for men, don't dress up for men, don't choose jobs for men, don't talk to please men etc. We do all this because we like to feel attractive and confident about ourselves.

11. Men and women will tell you no man will want you when you're too buff. LOL, really? I had no idea, there's no shortage of interested men here.

Overall, people will always complain about your choices. They never look at themselves and think "Hey, maybe I should find my passion too."

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