Me, doing Renegade Row on the ground, this version is found in our Miltary Trainer.


1. Round your lower back during rows.

2. Not retract the scapula during rows.

3. Hike your shoulders when doing pull-ups.

Narrow Grip Pull-Ups, found in our Miltary Trainer.

4. Using a weight belt and then round your back.

5. Turning pull-overs in cable to a push-down.

6. Not retracting your shoulders during rows.

7. Forgetting to do unilateral work to balance left and right.

8. Always starting with the same exercise.

9. Doing back the day after arm day.

Narrow Grip Pull-Ups with weight vest, found in our Miltary Trainer.

10. Not extending your arms completely during pull-downs.

11. Doing pull-ups crossfit style....

12. Doing deadlifts before rows which will fatigue your lower back.

13. Turning seated cable rows into hyperextensions.

14. Letting your rowing arm travel to your shoulders instead of your hip.

15. Doing deadlifts with alternate grip and never change which hand is pronated vs supinated.

16. Forgetting to train your infraspinatus and teres minor properly.

17. Doing only machine work.

18. Not training back as hard or thorough as your chest.

19. When doing barbell rows, turning it into standing shrugs.

20. Turning pull-downs into rows, unless you intend to row, not pull.

21. Having a weak grip due to under training forearms and overly relying on straps. Use straps but do some of your sets without!