5 reasons why it's better to follow a diet PLAN than "go by feel"

5 reasons why it's better to follow a diet PLAN than "go by feel" when you want to lose body fat:

1. If you go by feel you'll actually self regulate so you don't consume less than you expend. It's your body's perfect way to maintain homeostasis. (balance in energy in and out)

2. The more foods you include the more your appetite is stimulated so a stricter option on a daily basis actually cuts your hunger.

3. Routine is powerful. When you stop making all meals into something like visits to an amusement park you get into the rhythm of just going through the motion.

4. You know exactly what you're taking in and it's less of a headache to calculate all micronutrients, protein, carbs, fats and calories.

5. Fat loss comes from consistently providing an environment for your body where there's no other way than to melt off that fat tire! (But then we can sneak in refeeds now and then but before that you do need to get into the deficit phase)

"Fighter Diet is my concept for making the impossible possible: Getting Lean, Staying Lean but not feeling like you are constantly starving! -Pauline"