A little motivation from a Fighterdiet warrior

A little motivation from a Fighterdiet Warrior

For those who say:

"I do not have time to train":

You make the time. If training is not part of your priorities, your goals either!

"I will never be in shape":

You are probably right and it is a state of mind doomed to failure. Start thinking positively and believe that you can achieve everything you decide to do.

"I feel intimidated at the gym":

We all started somewhere and believe me, most people do not care about what's around them at the gym. We are too busy looking in the mirror when we train.

"I do not know what to do in the gym":

It does not matter, many people do not know what they do at the gym, but the fact that they are there almost every day means that they want better for themselves. We all start somewhere. You can do some research. Go get some information. Educate yourself. Read blogs. Listen to Pauline Nordin’s podcasts. Watch training videos, analyze the form of the exercises. Ask for help from a friend who weight trains? Or even someone at the gym! I love when people ask for my help. You can also join the next Fighterdiet challenge I’m very proud to say that it will be my one year anniversary following a Fighterdiet lifestyle!

I will add, be patient! 

This is the journey of a lifetime and the longest I have ever experienced but also, the most GRATIFYING! 

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