Anorexia vs Fitness: 10 facts

Dawn Pesce, a Fighter Diet Challenger used Fighterdiet Books & Challenges to change her body composition!

Now and then I get accused for being pro anorexia with my 'Discipline your Dedication' slogan.

Let me put my top 10 facts straight about the difference between working for a fit, lean and buff physique and a skinny, skeleton body:

1. Starving a body will in no way lead to a lean strong body, just a skinny-fat body. This is opposite to what fitness is about.

2. Anorexic wants a big thigh gap, fitness women do not. A thigh gap indicates a lack of adductor muscle volume. When left untrained, this area will just jiggle and never firm up.

3. Fitness women eat lots of food because we need it to build muscle. Anorexics don't eat or eat to lose weight which means muscle mass is lost. That means you become fatter (when your muscle mass decreases, your body fat percentage increases).

4. Fitness women don't want the collar bone to protrude since it indicates a lack of pec muscle development. Anorexics love this malnourished, non-athletic look.

5. Fitness women focus on gaining lean muscle weight to weigh as much as possible when being shredded. Anorexics want the scale to show as little as possible.

6. Fitness women want an ass of steel. Anorexics want a flat, raisin like butt which makes you look 30 years older.

7. Fitness women want depth in the lower back muscles. Anorexics want the spine to be visible. This is a taboo for fitness women because it indicates we don't train hard or deadlift.

8. Fitness women use dietary discipline to melt off fat and build muscle which is not starving. It's manipulating the diet to feed fat burning muscle and lose body fat. Anorexics don't care if fat or muscle is lost because they simply want to lose it all.

9. Fitness women weight train to shape and build the body. Anorexics train to lose weight and want to be as thin as possible.

10. Fitness women strive to be physically strong because it's a sign of strength and empowerment within. Starving oneself as anorexics do is a sign of weakness and it never does you good.

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