BREAST IMPLANTS: 11 facts about why, how and what to expect!

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Breast Implants, 11 facts about why, how and what to expect!

Why do fitness women decide to have breast augmentation done? 

#1. Because a woman's breasts are made of fat tissue and glands so they can not be reshaped. Underneath the fat tissue you find the pectoral muscles, but they can only do so much for your breasts.

#2. If you lose body fat you will see your breasts shrink. Often first to all women's frustration! You can not choose where your body selects fat loss to occur.

#3. Adding breast implants can fix saggy breasts after weight loss. What if you regain weight? It does not always rebound. Your body can choose to add body fat elsewhere.

#4.No implants last forever, so if you decide to get them you need to be aware that throughout a lifetime you'll need to replace them now and then.

#5. The placement of breast implants can be under the muscle, partially under the muscle and over the muscle. 

Placing them under the muscle can increase the risk of rupture due to the pressure from the implant when working out, it can also change the way your recruit muscle which can lead to injuries.

The benefit with under muscle placement is less risk of rippling which is the term for when implants are a bit visible through the skin in some areas. 

Placing them partially over the muscle works for some women, however it might make no difference in rippling depending on your body structure and frame. 

Placing implants over the muscle allows you to train without limitation, but the risk of rippling increases if you're very lean. ALL very lean women will have some rippling if they have implants and there's no remedy for it except gain body fat and hope it covers it up.

#6 How long time you need to recover depends, however expect at least 6 weeks with no upper body training. Leg training can usually be done after 2 weeks.

#7 Things can go wrong with implants: rupture, hardening of the implants, asymmetry, infection and pain and much more. You might even get an allergic reaction which makes your body treat them as invading objects.

#8 You can only change your natural shape so much. If you have small, perky breasts naturally, you're likely going to have amazing breasts with surgery. However, if you have big breasts naturally and then lose a lot of body fat, you'll need both a lift and implants, which means increased scarring and risk of asymmetry both on areola and the breasts themselves.

#9 You don't need breast implants to win a fitness contest. You can pad your bra.

#10 If you get too big implants your butt will look flat and it will make your muscle mass look smaller on your upper body. Beginners who just started weight training to create a fit body should wait to get implants until you've built your frame for 2 years minimum. Why? Your body changes and you might choose too small or too big implants for your frame which is a sure giveaway of having fake breasts.

#11 There are no creams or pills which can give you bigger breasts except for fertility treatment! Since that means adding a huge amount of female hormones to your system to induce a pregnancy, naturally your breasts will add size, but it will go away when you stop breastfeeding.

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