Building a strong physique

Building a strong physique is to me a symbol of self empowerment

Muscles are carved from the grueling work put upon it. Over time the work evolves to a masterpiece.

To do this discipline and patience, dedication and commitment are required. Being strong on the outside requires strong on the inside.

A lot of women with severe eating disorders are drawn to me and my concept and it's my role to educate you on the consequences of starving yourself long term.

So let's talk about it for a bit!

1) If you want to eliminate all body fat until all you see are bones and skin you will have a higher body fat percentage than someone who's heavier with muscle and more body fat. How come? Muscles do not stick around in that kind of environment.

2) There's no way you can build lean muscle when you're severely underweight and deprive yourself of nutrients.

3) When your body weight is very low you will not be able to lift heavy weights which means your bones mineral content decreases substantially. You risk getting osteoporosis at a very young age.

4) Since your fat intake is extremely low you're starving your brain from essential fatty acids. You become stupid over time.

5) Not eating enough calories suppresses your thyroid. Your metabolism drops.

6) Since you don't eat enough fat you won't be able to absorb vitamin D and if you don't absorb vitamin D you can't absorb calcium and magnesium. Vitamin K is required as well and it's fat soluble. You're not getting any of it. No matter how many pills of calcium you take it will not be absorbed from the intestine.

7) When you're starving and over exercising your cortisol levels will be chronically elevated. Cortisol too breaks down muscle mass and bone mass

8) Since your brain knows you're starving it will tell your ovaries to shut down hormone production. This leads to a menopausal state. Low estrogen levels and even lower testosterone levels escalates bone loss.

9) Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies due to malabsorption from inadequate nutrient intake from food can cause you kidney failure. You know how hard it is to get a new one?....

10) Fuzzy hair allover your body is a natural attempt by your body to stay warm. Since it's too blond and peach like it will not be removable with laser.

11) Since your adrenals are spitting out adrenaline to keep you awake to go feed yourself you will lack important recovery. If you now medicate yourself with sleep meds guess what happens? You'll poison your liver who can't detox properly with a lack of nutrients from food.

12) You'll likely lose your thick hair and thick nails go brittle.

13) You can get blood sugar issues similar to those with type 2 diabetes.

The list goes on. is it worth it? I hope you know what you're choosing and get professional help!