CARB Sensitive? 5 Facts About Carbs!

Are you CARB SENSITIVE? Are you or do you just THINK you are?

Remember when the glycemic index was the 'new thing'? Slow carbs and reading lists where many natural foods like raw carrots had high glycemic index while a snickers was listed as low.

Well, thankfully, that one isn't that popular anymore! Since when do you really eat just carbs?

Mixing protein and fats with carbs slows down glycemic index.

Then we have the 'insulin index" which took into account how much of the carb you were eating. Suddenly that fast carrot was slow. 

Many people are confused about this carb sensitivity and often it's a lack of understanding why they balloon up when eating carbs.

5 facts for you about CARBS & YOU:

1. If you are on a low carb diet your body will always be preparing for that glorious day when the carb army comes back. Your muscles are like kids waiting for xmas.

When you do give them their favorite fuel, carbs, they will make sure to benefit from it the most and compensate by loading in a lot more than they would if you never went so low on carbs.

The carbs bind water, so that's why you 'balloon up'.

2. There are different kinds of carbs and you don't react the same to each one of them. Veggies have carbs, grains do too, fruit do as well, yogurt and milk as well. Some can be eaten a lot of, others not. Of course if you gorge on high calorie, high carb foods like rice and pasta all day long you will be more likely to have negative experience than if you're more moderate.

3. When you start a cutting diet you will look small and fatter before you get leaner. This is due to the fact you went all low carb. Muscles are being depleted but the fat is still on you. Many freak out and carb up out of fear of losing muscle, but in this case it might keep you as fat as usual.

4. If you are lean you have better insulin control than if you'e overweight. Lean people handle carbs better than overweight individuals.

The extra body weight comes with a resistance to insulin which means your body releases a lot more to pack in the sugar in muscles (and fat cells if your muscles are full). That huge release of insulin is kinda fattening. When you are lean and have muscles, insulin won't spike as much. Your body just works better in handling them, putting those carbs into muscles and liver efficiently.

5. If you are not a very active athlete and are trying to lose weight, the first foods to reduce are the ones high in carbs. Typically grain products. Why? You just don't need them. Where is your activity that requires high octane fuel?

Eating a high carb diet when you're overweight is just an unwise strategy. What YOU need is lots of vegetables, lean protein and some fat. One day you'll be able to eat more of the carby carb foods but it's not until you're in decent shape.

Is Fighterdiet a high carb diet? No!

Do we ever have high carb intake on Fighterdiet? Yes. They're called refeeds.

Fighter Diet is huge on vegetables though, so it's in no way a low low carb diet. It's also high in protein which means it's a HIGH protein diet rather than a LOW carb diet.

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