Confusion About Eating CLEAN and Getting LEAN

Photo by: Pavel Ythjall

There's a lot of confusion about eating 'clean' and getting LEAN

You who follow me know I have specific rules I follow to cut to the chase and simplify the pursuit.

Eating "clean" is great for some, especially those who come from a junky food regimen. Going from lots of extra calories from fats and sugar foods naturally reduces calories.

But if you're already lean and now struggling with seeing real cuts despite 'eating clean it's because even natural, healthy foods have calories. No shit lol! Why would mother nature supply the world with calorie free foods? That defeats the purpose completely.

So before you get all upset with me, let me show you why all things count. You need to get a good idea of your food by weighing it up, and learn your choices and portions of each food and the sum of the total.

Jennier Ellis, Fighter Diet Follower, 12 week transformation by following Fighter Diet Challenges!

Let's say you're eating exactly the amount of food you need to do exactly what you do and you're not losing nor gaining weight. THIS IS your maintenance calories.

Now if you simply ADD these healthy foods each day throughout the week:

Day 1: an apple (150 calories)
Day 2: 1 big banana (200 calories)
Day 3: Red salmon - double serving (300 calories)
Day 4: 1 handful of nuts (200 calories)
Day 5: 3 oz DARK chocolate (about 500 calories)
Day 6: 2 tbsp peanut butter (200 calories)
Day 7: Venti skinny latte (about 140 calories) and a granola bar (200 calories)

This adds to 1700 calories excess that week. 

In four weeks that's a surplus of 6800 calories.

That equals around 2 lbs of fat if all those calories are not used and are simply stored in the best way: as pure body fat.

So all things matter. Pick foods that work FOR you and be aware of the sneaky things like these!

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