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Consistency is KEY

"Just want to post this for the people who think they can't chage, or are getting discouraged.

You need to hang in there and keep going. Do your best, all the tools are provided, use the resources you have, coupled with your desire to change, and make it happen.

It is a process, the change is ongoing, consistency IS KEY! I would never really believed I would have come this far, i just keep my head down, and do the best I can. And I will continue to do so because I have a desire to do better and reach for the next bar.

The FD programs have helped thousands of women change their lives! Are you going to give up with seeing blatant results? Are you going to give up when someone gives you a step by step guide. I say no! Keep going. Pick urself up dust urself off and push forward. Only u can make it happen! - Much Love Laura"

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