Day 2 Post Treat Day

Day 2 post treat day

Weight back to normal, hunger normalized, strength up and motivation up. 

It’s important to learn the signs for when your body needs a momentarily  drastic calorie increase. 

For me I look flat with no pump, I start to feel more cold, my appetite goes nuts and I can’t stop thinking of food. 

So many go too long without a break, which likely leads to overindulging beyond your body’s ability to bounce back without accumulating body fat. 

It’s necessary to gauge your body’s response, take notes and don’t repeat the treat until you’ve bounced back. 

There’s no set formula, there’s no set rule: I can’t foresee what your body will do, I can only provide guidance and feedback. 

After I treat my body temperature goes up and my heart rate is elevated throughout the night, it’s the thermic effect of food and it’s not dangerous. 

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