Did you JUST start your fitness journey and feel WIPED OUT?

Did you JUST start your fitness journey  and feel WIPED OUT?

5 things You Need to Know:

1. Losing body fat is a process of using up stored energy. All that surplus of calories has been stored in your fat cells and now it's melting away. It should be that all that energy was released and you could run 10 marathons a day but unfortunately it's not the case. 

2. Your brain detects that you're burning more than you're consuming and since it wants you to survive as long as possible and keep as many fat cells fat as possible, the brain will make you more tired. That's a defense mechanism against exertion! 

3. Simply knowing that you're "on a diet" will make you less energized. You become what you think.That's why I refuse to say "I'm so tired". I just don't use that term. I say 'I have so much energy!!!". And we all do! It's just stuck there in our fat cells! 

4. You will not feel lethargic for good! The leaner you get, the more muscle you gain the better your body uses your food an how it responds to it. You will get tons of energy when you see how your body changes week by week! 

5. Going too low too fast and adding too hard workouts too soon will not work for long! It's better to go slow so you can keep it up long enough to see real results.

Example: just because you can technically run 65mph if you simply run 2 seconds but there's no way you can do it for 10 seconds. Don't even talk about a marathon! No way! BUT... You CAN sustain marathons x 100 if you go slow.