Did you say you want to get lean?

Hey, before you succumb into the seductive couch and host a nachos party in your mouth, let's talk about it.

Did you say you want to get lean? You think more calories is what you need? What about the firmer, rounder, fitter glutes? I had no idea they were made being sit on all day long.

You're tired? You were stationary all day long in front of your laptop working while sneak looking at fit bods on instagram thinking 'tomorrow I'll start fresh!' but that day was today, wasn't it?

My instagram

You really think eating crap today will help you feel awesome tomorrow? Right now all those people whose bodies you admire are being carved into steel in the gym. What are you doing: carving a muffin top?

Do you really think 2017 is when you suddenly get super strong mentally to really kick it up? Come spring time? Wait, did you order some kind of brain elixir that doesn't exist?

Do you really think you'll feel fantastic after eating 5 donuts? 

Did you look up how many hours of training it takes to burn off that slice of pizza? Do you remember how disgusting you felt after downing a whole ben & jerry's ice cream bowl or three?

If you KNOW that diet is utmost important to get where you say you want to do why why WHY aren't you DOING what you know?

Melinda Marie, 12 weeks with Fighter Diet!

Think about that a bit. Let's discuss it.

In the mean time I'm going to the gym to train so other people who don't do it can blame me for taking steroids and having super genetics because I DO WHAT THEY WISH THEY DID.

I always recommend following a PLAN consistently when you want to get lean. The pick and choose and calculate as you go is just very fruitless in 99 out of 100 cases. 

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