Discipline your Fighter Diet Dedication

Discipline your Fighter Diet Dedication

Yeah, you know the drill. It's 3.30 am and your alarm goes off cause you're doing cardio.

You know you're on time because the party goers crawl home to bed from the clubs now and that's when you're psyching yourself up to bust the crap out of you.

You have ONE clear goal in mind, ONE picture in your mind on what you want to achieve. Fighter Diet is about discipline your dedication.

It's more than 99% of the people want or can ever get themselves to achieve, but you consider yourself one of the elite, one of the strong, one of few who don't just dream about it. You DO it. You're just so much tougher than the rest and you have no problem doing EVERYTHING to get what you want.

Food for you is fuel. It's what nourishes your muscles but famines your fat. You love your "boring food" cause you know it's the key, your "magic" to melt off every jiggle that covers your hard work. When you're tired, you don't stop, you execute your plan.

And what energizes you is the reflection in the mirror when you see the muscle definition on your arms, your abs, the cuts and details you have accomplished to get by following your protocol.

Day in and day out you go and work on that piece of art your body is becoming. You don't try to find easy ways out, you do the hardcore old school squats because they're gonna give you the legs.

You deadlift beause it takes more from you than sitting in a little stupid machine crunching away. You're in the gym to sweat, you're here to carve and define. you're not here to look pretty or to show off your strength. You couldn't care less about it cause it's not about THAT. It's about something else.

The iron has toughened you up. You're stronger than ever. You have more patience and discipline than most. And you know people wonder if you don't feel deprived from not eating their cookies or their hot dogs! Well, you wonder too about them: they truly feel happy about their muffin tops and jiggle thighs?

You have standards. you have work ethic. You're way beyond the rest cause you're asking for more.

You're higher on the list cause you're not a simple animal eating, sleeping and then repeat. You feel more alive cause you don't take things for granted. You've been conditioned into knowing you get what you work for. You know that true work pays off. And since you're so smart you also apply it to all fields in your life, making you hell of a lot more successful than those who sit on their arse all day never pushing their bodies to the limit.

You live for this. You're here to do this. There is a reason you are doing what you do. It's called passion. It's determination.

And you know, that if you just do what you know is right, and what's in your heart, your are invincible, unstoppable, unbeatable.

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To get in shape all you have to do is train hard and keep a strict diet.

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