Do you need a CLEANSE?

Do you need a CLEANSE?

A cleanse is a liquid diet based on green foods, fruits and herbs, designed to "eliminate toxins" , improve your skin, health and shed body weight. If you don't know if you should do it, here are ten things you should know:

1. It's all bullshit. Drinking green drinks do NOT in any way eliminate toxins.

2. Some ingredients are very beneficial for your liver and I recommend you use them to support your body's own detox master organ, however the absolutely best thing for your liver is to consume plenty of cysteine. Cysteine is found in whey protein amongst other foods.

3. A cleanse is not sustainable so it's a waste of time.

4. To keep your inside body healthy, eat a variety of produce, drink coffee, eat protein, get essential fats and plenty of dietary fiber.

5. You can support your gut's bacteria by feeding them prebiotic foods: onions, garlic, the soluble fiber inulin, artichoke, asparagus for example.

6. Just like you will not burn fat using hot wraps or spending time in a sauna to induce sweating, you will NOT lose fat doing a cleanse.

7. The only things you lose on a cleanse are muscle mass and glycogen stores. This lowers your metabolic rate.

8. When food volume goes down so does the thermic effect of food (calories burnt digesting what you eat). You might feel your belly is flatter, but rest assure it's primed to rebound and get fatter!

9. A restricted regimen like a cleanse will increase the risk of binge eating.

10. If you truly want to "cleanse", do it for life: avoid excess use of ibuprofen, acetaminophen as well as keep your alcohol intake on the conservative side. Read the warning list on all your medications so you are aware of potential side effects.

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