Don't start Fasting!

If you struggle with diet adherence, then don’t start fasting

Fasting won’t make it easier to stick to your diet. How I know?

Let’s say you want to lose weight. In that case your struggle with NOT eating excess calories will not be solved by restricting even more.

Makes no sense psychologically. If you were great at dietary restriction you’d be lean! 

To lose fat and get healthy you need a diet you enjoy that also provides satiety and supports muscle building or fitness goals.

Fasting is not required, but we all fast during sleep, hence the term “break fast”.

On fighterdiet we choose our own meal frequency and when we eat based on individual preferences.

Now, your preferences might be to eat chocolate cake all day long but if it’s your goal to not look it then it’s a bad strategy. Eat for your goals and focus on a style you want to continue for life.


  • What to eat and why.
  • Why clean eating can keep you fat.
  • How to conquer cravings.
  • How to design meal plans for your goals as well as menus to use.
  • How to practice refeeds to boost fat loss.
  • Nutrient timing to increase muscle growth.
  • The difference between treats vs cheats.
  • Information about macronutrients.
  • Lots more essential tips for a lean physique.