DOs & DON'Ts of eating VEGETABLES

Do's and dont's of eating vegetables

DO eat the ones you like the most. No need to eat kale if you hate it!

DO experiment with preparation of them. Grilled, Stir fried or baked are much tastier than steamed.

DO make sure you eat the whole meal's worth of veggies if veggies make up the majority of your carbs.

DO steam / grill / microwave / saute your cruciferous veggies to protect your thyroid.

DON'T think veggies are calorie free.

DON'T forget to calculate the nutrition of them.

DON'T drench them in olive oil in an attempt to lose fat by eating fat.

DON'T juice them if you're interested in appetite control. Chewing is very important for satiety and to add a bit to their thermic effect.

DON'T eat only iceberg lettuce and cucumbers. These are the least nutritious veggies of them all.


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